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What we do

Brendan McCormick Events AV Ltd work closely with you to provide bespoke tailored solutions for all your event requirements giving you the tools necessary to deliver your message effectively.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure your event looks and sounds exactly the way you expect it to, or often even better!. More importantly we ensure your events run so smoothly by utilizing the best equipment and skilled staff suited to your events requirements, with the ability to handle any potential unforeseen problems should they crop up.

When we undertake an event we engage the exact same passion and views to the goals the event needs to achieve as you do. Every event is personal to us. After all it will have our name and reputation associated to it. We can handle and guild you through every element of your event from start to finish through to providing an Event Manager to look after the whole event leaving you to concentrate on the finer details without any worries or to simply relax and enjoy it!

Our services include

Lighting | Video | Audio Production | Live Streaming | Stage & Set | Editing

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"Hi I'm Dan Bradbury, master marketer and creator of some of the most outstanding seminars ever to hit the NLP coaching sector.

Because of my extremely high profile I choose to only work with the very best in everything I do and ensure that I am getting excellent value for money.

I have known Brendan almost from the beginnings of his company and I have watched it, and him grow to be the best and only AV company I would ever consider working with. The level of service and absolute value that is provided by BME AV makes them the one to beat. They go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that every aspect of the AV is taken care of, and should you hit a bump in the road you don't even notice – the whole thing goes off so smoothly.

To me BME AV is like a Range Rover to the other companies' Porsche, they both look great and drive well when the road is smooth, but when you hit the pothole, which would you rather ride with?? "