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Stage and Set

When deciding on how you want your event to look, we can take your brief and create a stage set that will give your event its Identity. We can cater for all types of events and have extensive experience in branding and creating themes either just by effective use of staging through to dressing and creating a theme throughout a whole venue, inside and outside.

Our stock compromises of furniture, stage flats, staging and drapes all available in a wide range of size’s and can all be in any colour or material conceivable to match your branding and themes.

Once a brief has been giving to us our designers will set upon creating a unique integrated package for event. We will present our ideas using 3D modeling allowing you to visualize your event thoroughly before any construction starts.

Our imagination has no limits.

We can provide

  • Staging
    Stage Flats
    Event furniture
  • Drapes
    Star cloths
  • Large format printing
    Flip charts
    White boards

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