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Lighting is key to any event whether it’s presenting a venue in your corporate colours or creating an overall mood through to emphasizing impact for a concert or product launch. There really is no limit to what can be achieved through the use of an effective lighting design. Lighting is very artistic and is like creating a painting or picture the end result is the same.

The use of lighting encompasses many different effects such as the use of gobos and projectors to enhance atmosphere and branding for integration into any event design. With new lighting technology coming out all the time, we make it our duty to keep up with the market so we can stock and implement the best lighting equipment for your event.

Our experience covers all sectors for the lighting industry from creating lighting designs for professional theatre, concerts and corporate events to product launches, exhibitions and TV.

We have a solution no matter what your requirements.

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We have solutions for

  • Conferencing stage lighting
    Concert lighting
    Lighting Design
  • Venue uplights
    Conference Branding
    Product Launch
  • Display Lighting
    Lighting crew


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