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Sound is very key to all events large or small scale whether it’s for accompanying a simple video presentation, party or a conference through to a large event that has live entertainment and multi track recording. We have invested heavily in the latest audio equipment to ensure that all events and meetings have high fidelity sound for every detail to be heard no matter what the audio source is or event size.
Our warehouse stock includes the latest audio equipment suitable for all your requirements and our sound designers work hard to implement the best creative solutions that impress.

We can also cater for recording of audio sources from either a live event or video production for later editing and producing for DVD production and video presentation playback.

We have solutions for

  • Meetings
    Live events
    Product Launches
  • Occasions
    Sound system hire
    Conferencing microphone systems
    Wireless microphone systems
  • Audio recording
    Sound design
    Sound crew


Speakers Amplifiers Mixing desks
DJ equipment Processing Microphones


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